About Us

Just as Sun Records versus Elvis Presley, Pinzaan helps Taiwanese designers launch their works and shine on the world stage.

While more and more fabulous Taiwanese designs come to the fore, many of them are like a flash in the pan. Due to the lack of a publisher who specializes in the commercialization of design, lots of design works fail to be merchandised and soon disappear.

Pinzaan therefore dedicates itself to the design publishing. It develops diversified business models for different designs based on their properties, and operates in such fields as the production, brand management, marketing and selling, as well as the intellectual property protection. In other words, it shapes the design into a marketable product, reveals the uniqueness of the design, and speaks the language that consumers could understand and further generate preference for the product.

The logo of Pinzaan, consisted of many Chinese characters “品” which refers to “design” and “brand,” explains its vision – designers concentrate on creating designs, consumers enjoy the designs, and Taiwanese designs spread the wings
and soar to the world stage.