Breaks away from boredom and paint your life fun and colorful!

JumpFromPaper™ is a line of unconventional handbags created by up-and-coming Taiwan designers Chay Su and Rika Lin. They are filled with all sorts of quaint fantasy and are always engaged in hunting for new possibilities in life. JumpFromPaper™ is one of the masterpieces that come to life from their fancies.

JumpFromPaper™ possesses two-dimensional look yet solid interior which accommodates an iPad and personal accessories. The cartoon-like contour and the bright and cheerful colors further add a brisk yet funky flavor. Both the design and the transformation from 2D sketch to 3D product display not only designers’ favor on fantasy, but also their interesting interpretations of realness in their imaginary world.

The humor and vitality shown in the product also echoes the designers’ value of life – life could be full of imagination and surprises, so enjoy it! The designers are committed to continuous innovation in order to bring in more laughs and pleasure to people’s life.